High performance even in light winds:


With its new LTW90 1.5MW wind turbine, LEITWIND is introducing one of its latest technological developments: the LS44 blade, which increases the rotor diameter to 90m.

The LS44 blade was designed by LEITWIND and based on the reliable LS39 blade, increasing length by 5m and giving it a 1.5m “pre-bend”. The LS44 uses the best, most advanced materials available (including highresistance H fibreglass and epoxy resins) and weighs 7,600kg, making it even more competitive in terms of its cost/performance ratio than the LS39.

LEITWIND Shriram Manufacturing LTD (LSML) makes the LS44 blade in the Gummidipoondi/Chennai factory, using the tested and certified production process currently used for the LS39 blade. The new blade enables the LTW90 to operate at an extremely high “capacity factor”, even in sites with poor wind conditions.

Furthermore, the new wind turbine will adopt a newer, larger generator, the D4.1, whose development is based on the LTW101 3.0MW generator. This generator benefits from a stiffer, more robust design than its predecessor. If necessary, the main bearing can be replaced. The generator will soon be integrated with the current IEC 61400-22 for the LTW80 1.5/1.8MW. These innovations come at no extra cost to the customer, who will benefit from greater efficiency at the same price.