TWO LTW86 1.5MW:


Once more, quality and professionalism were LEITWIND’s winning hand, as it made its debut in Poland with a double installation predicted to be put into operation in December 2015.

EIG SA (ENERGY INVEST GROUP SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA), the Polish bank for the development of renewable energies, provided funding for the client after a long and in-depth due diligence on LEITWIND technology. The first wind turbines are two 1.5MW LTW86 with a hub height of 100m, wind class IIIA, installed in December 2015

Poland continues to be one of the countries with the greatest economic growth rate. Therefore the market is strongly developing: a positive result which also reflects well on the renewable energy sector. The country's energy generation largely depends on coal-fired power stations which use Silesia’s abundant subsoil assets while causing heavy pollution. As a member of the European Union, Poland must reduce exhaust gas emissions and increase energy production from renewable sources to 15.5% by 2020. Within this context, a new law designed to revolutionize the Polish renewable energy market was recently passed. This includes the adoption of a reverse auction system and the introduction of a new incentive scheme. Particular attention will be paid to plants with an installed power of up to 1.0MW, a sector in which LEITWIND is already a leader in Turkey and Italy. LEITWIND will start from an advantageous position thanks to the LTW86 1.0MW and the even higher-performing LTW90 1.0MW.

Leitwind in Poland - LTW86 1.5 MW