RenewableUK - presentation LEITWIND stand

Looking forward with LEITWIND

During the Renewable UK show,  Sales Manager Fergus Brown agreed to deliver a presentation at the ‘speaker’s spotlight’ on the idea of innovation and adapting to the changes in local markets.

Without ‘presenting’ a ‘company pitch’, Fergus wove in some of the history of innovation and creativity in the story of Leitner and our sister companies into the talk, with references to our cable and ropeways, successes and innovation at Poma and Leitwind.

With changes in the UK market, many local developers have recently been uncertain how to sustain their business.

The message was that all business, in times of changes, must adapt or die.

Starting with the hard reality of past life in the Tyrol , our company came to become an innovator,

This has become a feature of our company – we strive always to improve our products, our relationships, our markets.

Though our wind turbines are already superior in their market, we do not stand still, we find all the time small ways to make more performance, more value, better returns.

We are confident that the onshore wind market in the UK will continue, but we believe that the companies engaged in the industry now have to recognise that to manage the changes, they all must adapt, or die.

In recent years, favourable conditions have resulted in some complacency. This must disappear. More care must be taken in development, more time and effort in properly understanding the potential of projects.

And there was a controversial message for our client base: with such a good wind resource, with so many good professionals in the business, projects are still going to be developed, without subsidy, without government support.

The final message was that we have always had to work hard, in all our businesses, to earn our margins, to make our business effective and efficient, and that our future partners will now get used to the idea that they must be innovative in how they work, will have to earn their margin.