The perfect wave is here. Thanks to LEITWIND

A surfers’ paradise is about to come to fruition in the “Surf Snowdon” waterpark in North Wales. The revolutionary technology that will make this possible is an artificial wave machine which creates the longest artificial surf waves in the world, developed by LEITNER ropeways in collaboration with Wavegarden, an industry leader.

The technological heart of the new plant is the Direct Drive system, a low-speed synchronous motor which can move up to 20 tonnes of water from one end of the structure to the other. Using ropeway technology, the “Wavefoil” vehicle is towed along the edge of the plant, creating a uniform groundswell with the shape and strength of constant waves. Finding similar conditions in any other part of the world is very difficult, and it is expected that surfing, bodyboarding and stand-up paddling aficionados will be desperate to try the thrill of the perfect wave for themselves. From a technological point of view, the enormous stress is the main challenge, but the Direct Drive system ensures constant operation with long-lasting performance. The achieved result is opening up new perspectives for HTI group, which, once gain, has used its skills and the synergies of each of its companies in an innovative, non-traditional manner.

Naturally, the fact that LEITWIND has contributed to the development and perfection of the Direct Drive is a source of great pride. Whether it is wind turbines, ropeways or innovative systems:the attention to quality, ability to create machines that can operate in extreme conditions, international experience and close cooperation between HTI group companies has once again roved a winning formula.