22 LTW70 are Planned on Mountain Sattelberg

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Green Energy to be Produced at Brenner
Vipiteno, 11/30/2010
Green Energy from South Tyrol. Produced on the Sattelberg at 2,300 meters (7,546 feet) above sea level. Up there, a constant wind, the "Alpine jet", provides ideal conditions.

All together, the twenty-two planned wind power installations of the LTW70 type can produce enough electricity to provide the Isarco and Wipp Valleys with power. Like all LEITWIND systems, the LTW70 is a gearless wind power installation and is therefore particularly quiet and, above all, efficient.

Intrusions upon the natural landscape are being reduced to a minimum both during the construction phase and after it. The road on the Sattelberg that already exists now hardly needs to be altered for the construction phase. All of the components are transported from the village of Brenner onto the Sattelberg by cableway. After the windpark is built, the cableway structure will be dismantled again. “In this way, Leitner Technologies is once again proving its know-how as an innovative company,” explains LEITWIND’s president, Anton Seeber. “The windpark on the Sattelberg can produce around 100 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually. LEITWIND is building the installations and Etschwerke AG will be responsible for the distribution of the electricity as a strong, local partner.”

Today, LEITWIND has worldwide revenues of around 170 million euros with the building, maintenance, and operation of wind power installations of its own production. “There are still many interesting locations for our system,” Seeber opines. But according to the CEO of the Leitner Group, the ideal location at the Brenner Pass is not just a challenge, but also a particular matter close to his heart. “We believe in the Brenner Pass as a green corridor, and we can imagine even producing hydrogen with a part of the energy generated on the Sattelberg. Investment in renewable energies is an investment in the future.”

The plan is to use the energy produced during nighttime hours for the production of hydrogen and thus to purposefully support South Tyrol's efforts on its path towards being an even more climate-conscious region.

A joint venture with a tailwind is the economical basis of the Sattelberg project. LEITWIND and Etschwerke AG from Bolzano and Merano have been working together since the beginning of 2010. From this collaboration has arisen the company “WPP” (Wind Power Projects) with headquarters in Bolzano. With five of the same windparks, all of which will be located in Italy, a total of 11.000 MWh of green energy will be produced in the future. In addition to one windpark in the community of Montecatini Val di Cecina in Tuscany which has already gone into operation, another one is to be built. Added to that will be new projects in Sardinia, as well as this one at the Brenner Pass.