Fair winds for Leitwind in Turkey

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Contract signing Contract signing

from left:
 - Murat Eker (Project Engineer)
 - Serdar çinkılıç (Deputy Secretary-General of the Province of Tokat)
 - Tosi Marco (Sales Leitwind Turkey)
 - Hasan onur öz (Leitner)
 - Kaya Ateş (Deputy Secretary-General of the Province of Tokat)
 - Adem dizer (President of the Council of Tokat)
 - Harun Hanoğlu (Geometer)

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LTW80 - 1.0 MW LTW80 - 1.0 MW
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Vipiteno, 02/13/2015
The Italian wind energy specialists have won a public contract in the wind energy sector in Tokat, Turkey. The commission will also lead to the creation of new jobs. The HTI Group is expanding and has opened its second branch in Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest city.

Fighting off fierce international competition, Leitwind, the wind energy company of HTI Group, has won the first public contract for the provision of wind energy in Turkey. The project, which also includes a 2 year maintenance deal, has a fast turn-around time and is due to be completed within 18 months of the agreement. The contract is for the construction of a wind turbine model with an energy yield of 1.0MW, which will supply energy to public buildings in the Tokat Province, the project’s backer.


This will be the second Leitwind LTW80 1.0MW wind turbine in the Tokat region. There are a number of factors which have made Leitwind so competitive, not least the turbine’s advanced state-of-the-art technology and the offer of a complete all-inclusive package including planning, construction and authorisation procedures, as well as the production, installation and maintenance of the turbine itself. As well as benefits in terms of energy saving, the turbine will also have a positive impact on the employment market, creating new jobs in the local community.


For the HTI Group, this commission represents an opportunity to reinforce the company’s already well-established presence in Turkey. Following the foundation of Leitner Turkey in May 2012, the branch responsible for the ropeways sector, the Group has now opened its second Turkish branch in Bursa, the Leitwind Turkey branch. This branch has a strategic function; located in the western part of the country, Bursa is Turkey's fourth largest city and has a population of approximately two million residents. The city is situated to the south of the Marmara Sea on the slopes of Mount Uludağ, the summit of which reaches 2543 metres. Leitner has already constructed two gondola lifts in the eponymous ski resort and more are planned in the future.

“Turkey is an important market for Leitwind,” explains managing director Anton Seeber, underlining that “this commission is confirmation of our strong commitment to the country. In fact, we have recently won numerous commissions in the ropeways sector, both for urban and winter sports ropeway systems. Now we have our second wind turbine. Naturally this allows us greater synergy between the Group's various branches and may also have a very important effect on the Turkish market, for example in terms of the maintenance and management of the turbines.”


The HTI Group currently has 10 plants worldwide and employs more than 3000 staff. This success has been achieved through the company's commitment to quality and research; each year the Group invests more than 20 million euros in research and development. As well as Leitwind, the Group also owns Leitner ropeways, Poma and Agudio (ropeway systems), Prinoth (snow groomers and utility vehicles) and DemacLenko (snowmaking systems).