12 Turbines in Puglia

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Exponential Growth in Italy
, 07/23/2010
By the end of this year, twelve additional LTW77s will be operational in Puglia, Italy.

These wind turbines have a nominal power of 1,0 MW and a 65 meter high steel tower and are going to be installed in the province of Foggia. The first two are scheduled to be operational mid of July. Indeed the customer for these two LTW77s has already signed another contract for two additional LTW77s.

Nine of these twelve wind turbines have been sold to the Calypso Engineering group. Installation is scheduled between August and September. With the Calypso Engineering group, the first LEITWIND LTW77s with a nominal power of 1,0 MW have been installed in Puglia in 2009. In the next few months, the closing of several other projects are expected. This is another example of how LEITWIND is able to establish long-term relationships with clients, not only because of the reliability and the efficiency of the LEITWIND engineers, but also thanks to the state of the art technology of the LEITWIND wind turbines.