LEITWIND in Bulgaria

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Kavarna II Kavarna II
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Kavarna II
Vipiteno, 04/30/2010
At the end of April, the civil works for the realization of the third wind park in Bulgaria began.

The installation of the wind turbines is planned by mid of August, with operation scheduled by late September. This new 10,65 MW wind park will produce around 24 GWh of energy per Year. Four 80 m high LTW77 wind turbines of 1,5 MW each will be realized near Mogilishte. The other three wind turbines are located near the first wind park in Bulgaria, Kavarna I. One of them is a 1,65 MW LTW80, whereas the other two are 1,5 MW LTW77s with a hybrid tower. This newly developed tower has a height of 80 meters, but the first 15 are made of concrete. With this project, for the first time, rotor blades and generator have been produced in-house.