Fewer components, more advantages

Designing our wind turbines, we have eliminated all unnecessary parts. What is not there cannot wear nor break down. And if nothing wears or down, the energy keeps  lowing. It is as simple as that.

Nobody questions the sustainability of wind energy. But without real economic feasibility there can be no global success. Only a profitable wind turbine can call itself sustainable. And this is exactly what Leitwind set out to build.

Press kit:

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epaper pdf LEITWIND Direct Drive epaper, pdf
epaper pdf LEITWIND partnership epaper, pdf
Direct Drive Direct Drive
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Detailed turbine Detailed turbine
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LEITWIND turbine frontside LEITWIND turbine frontside
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Further press releases:

More Power, More Efficient and Nearly Same Size 11/29/2010

More powerful, more efficient, yet hardly bigger. With its LTW80 1.8 MW, LEITWIND has expanded its product line and increased the energy yield of the LTW80 by ten percent. read more

LEITWIND Wind Farm Kavarna I 10/13/2009

In the months of August and September LEITWIND installed a wind farm at the Black Sea, in Kavarna (Bulgaria). read more