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Expanded Product Line with the LTW80 1.8 MW
Vipiteno, 11/29/2010
More powerful, more efficient, yet hardly bigger. With its LTW80 1.8 MW, LEITWIND has expanded its product line and increased the energy yield of the LTW80 by ten percent.

And it is not just more efficient. The new LTW80 is also the result of an important, forward-looking collaboration. “LEITWIND’s engineers from Sterzing and those of its joint venture partner, Shiram, in India developed the LTW80 1,8 MW jointly,” recounts Matteo Casazza of the LEITWIND team in Sterzing, Italy. “And the results can clearly be seen. The prototype, which was built in August in India, has functioned flawlessly.” In concrete terms, the engineers gave the LTW80 a generator that is thirty centimeters (twelve inches) longer. By means of this, the energy yield is increased from 1,5 MW to 1,8 MW. Also new is the cooling system, which the larger generator requires. Along with their Indian colleagues, the LEITWIND engineers installed water-cooled panels on the exterior of the generator. The water circulation is driven by separate pump. Thanks to the new cooling system, the LTW80 1,8 MW can also be used in warmer locations with an optimal degree of efficiency.

“We also manufactured the blades of the LTW80 1,8 MW ourselves,” adds Anton Seeber, head of LEITWIND. “Our factory in India is now capable of autonomously carrying out the complete production of an installation. That is an important step for us, and it once again underscores the significance of the collaboration with our Indian partners.”

The reworked design of the LTW80 has a cleaner, more linear effect, and in this regard, it is also consequently a successful further development of the successful models LTW77 and LTW70.