South Tyrolean DolomityCup 2011

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DolomythiCup 2011 DolomythiCup 2011
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LEITWIND is sponsor of the South Tyrolean DolomityCup in Croatia
Vipiteno, 04/16/2011
The DolomityCup: the open see sailing regatta by the South Tyrolean sailors in Croatia became since the origin in 2007 to a significant event.

The wind power is not only used by the sailors to sail at the top of regatta, but as well by wind power plants to produce renewable energy. This was the motivation for LEITWIND to sponsor for the first time the DolomityCup in May this year.

“We committed ourselves as sponsor for the DolomityCup, because the atmosphere represents very well our philosophy. The better the sails are set and the better the team is working, the faster the boat is going. The better we adjust the LEITWIND technology with the wind, the more efficient we produce green energy from the wind power. In only four years we have grown internationally to over 500 employees. As producer of wind power generators with over 100 plants, installed worldwide, we completed successfully the last business year. The gearless LEITWIND generator is worldwide known for its high quality and reliability. This success is only possible with considerable commitment and an optimal collaboration of all parties: from the employee in the production to the engineers in the R&D up to the management.”