LEITWIND Continues the Course of Success

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Over One Hundred Systems Worldwide at the End of the Year
Vipiteno, 12/12/2010
The magic number refers to all LEITWIND systems in Europe, India, and America, not including those of WPP, the joint venture company with Etschwerke AG.

It has been possible to take what began in Mals in 2003 and expand it worldwide over the last seven years. In addition to the systems in Austria (Salzstiegel) and in Italy (Badia Calavena, Montecatini, Puglia, and Basilicata), LEITWIND has built numerous wind power installations in France (Pellafol), Bulgaria (Kavarna), India, (Uthumalai, Chitradurga, Kalluthu, and Karungulam), and Canada (Grouse Mountain). The total of seventy-two LEITWIND systems that are already in operation now produce renewable energy for a forward-looking electricity supply. In Croatia (seven wind power installations) and India (twenty-five wind power installations), another thirty-two systems are to be built by the end of the year.

At the end of April of this year, construction work began on the third wind park in Bulgaria. Assembly began in the first half of August, with operation taking place at the end of September. The expected annual production of the 10,65 MW wind park is around 24 GWh. Four LTW77s with 1,5 MW of power each and a hub height of 80 m. (262 ft.) were built near Mogilishte.

Another three systems are located near the existing Kavarna I wind park. These consist of one 1,65 MW LTW80 and two 1,5 MW LTW77s on a hybrid tower. This newly developed tower, with a total height of 80 meters (262 feet) consists of a 15 meter (49 foot) high reinforced concrete base and a 65 meter (213 foot) high tubular steel tower. With this project, rotor blades and generators that were produced in-house were used for the first time. These originated from the Leitner-Shriram factory in India.

By the autumn of this year, twelve additional LTW77s will have gone into operation in the Italian province of Puglia. These systems, with a power of 1,0 MW each and a hub height of 65 meters (213 feet) are being installed in the district of Foggia. The first two systems already went into operation in mid-July. The client for these two systems recently signed another delivery contract for two more LTW77s.

Nine additional systems were sold to the Calipso Engineering group. These systems were installed between August and September. With Calypso Engineering, the first LEITWIND LTW77s with a power of 1,0 MW were already realized in 2009. Additional projects with the Calypso group are about to be concluded and are a clear sign of the good relationship that has developed between LEITWIND and its clients. LEITWIND’s methods of operating, along with the top quality of the products that it has developed itself, play a decisive role in the continued sales of the systems.

With the construction and putting into operation of systems in 2010, LEITWIND achieved revenues of 150 million euros. The company invested four million euros in research and development. This had a positive effect upon the number of employees: the LEITWIND team currently consists of four hundred employees worldwide.