LTW101 : higher output with decreased energy cost leads to one of the most efficient turbine on the market

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Sterzing, 04/11/2012
LEITWIND has enlarged its product portfolio by a new generation of wind turbines, the LTW101 which assures higher energy yields and improved availability.

Multi Megawatt turbines are in demand and LEITWIND offers the right product for it. In response to market needs in increasingly powerful wind turbines with higher energy yields and improved availability and profitability, LEITWIND is moving ahead with the development of new turbines: the LTW101, a 3.0 MW wind turbine for medium wind sites and the LTW104 2.0 MW for medium low wind sites, with approx. 3.500* full load hours and therefore one of the most efficient turbine on the market. Furthermore the project partner has a choice of two different hub heights, 95 and 143 m. In spite of the significant increase in performance, the turbines have still a compact design and noise levels remain as low as ever. Hence the company is able to offer improved and superior wind turbines especially for regions both medium and low wind speed regions.

The new turbines operate, like all other LEITWIND turbines, with the proven and patented direct drive technology with a synchronous generator using permanent magnets.

Wind turbine

LTW101 3.000 kW


Wind class



Rated power

3.000 kw


Hub height

95 / 143 m


The first prototype of the LTW101 IIA will be installed this year in Lelystad, Netherlands on the Europeans largest wind turbines test side by the Dutch R&D Institute and Ecofys. Together with the new prototypes of the LTW104, which will start trial operations at the end of 2012, LEITWIND has the right answer for the upcoming market needs.

With all its proven wind turbines LEITWIND offers perfect solutions for every environment and wind condition. With nominal power, ranging from 1.0 MW to 3.0 MW, and a broad range of rotor blades and generators, LEITWIND is able to cover every project demand. Literally going where others cannot go, LEITWIND has successfully installed 200 units worldwide, especially in the core markets Italy and India.

*. (gross AEPat 6,5 m/s)