LEITWIND Partnership
LEITWIND Partnership

LEITWIND partnership

The Energy of Partnership

Truly perfect solutions cannot be bought off the shelf. Tailoring an installation to the requirements of climate, terrain and energy demand takes dedicated, experienced specialists. Accordingly, LEITWIND offers customers not only leading edge technology, but also a productive project partnership which fulfills all individual customer needs. Our goal is the perfectly efficient, reliable and profitable solution for you - from the first stages of planning over the whole lifecycle of an installation. If you plan an investment in a sustainable future, LEITWIND is your partner for success.

Planning Partnership

Economical feasibility is a result of professional planning: To ensure the maximum return on your investment, an installation must be tailored to the financing, siting and grid requirements of your project. To ensure success, team up with LEITWIND from the earliest project stage, the siting: A wind data analysis compiled by the LEITWIND expert team optimizes turbine positioning. Calculating the annual energy output helps to choose the perfect turbine for the selected site. Site visits provide necessary information like accessibility for construction and maintenance. Entering all this into the equation of a wind farm ensures maximum cost efficiency over the whole project lifecycle.

Project Partnership

Developing a wind farm is a complex process. It involves stakeholders with sometimes contradictory needs: Investors and insurance companies, financing partners and, last not least, local, regional and national authorities. LEITWIND supports you with data, technical advice and practical assistance throughout the whole project from the first contact down to the completion of the project.

Tailor-made Partnership

Going where many competitors say “impossible”, LEITWIND is your partner of choice for challenging projects in extreme environments: The technological advantages of LEITWIND wind turbines allow for installations in mountainous areas and remote sites. In such projects, LEITWIND customers profit from the know-how and competence gathered by the group during decades of ropeway construction in difficult alpine terrain. With spectacular projects like the “ Eye of the Wind” in Vancouver, Canada, LEITWIND has pioneered wind energy not only in the technological, but also in the aesthetic dimension.