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LEITWIND Generator
LEITWIND Errichtung & Beschaffung
LEITWIND Errichtung
LEITWIND Errichtung & Beschaffung

LEITWIND Construction

New Energy: The birth of a LEITWIND turbine

Once the foundation has been built laid according to the specifications provided by LEITWIND engineering, installing a new LEITWIND turbine is a breeze - even in terrain where most of our competitors would say “Impossible!” With their simplified modular construction, LEITWIND turbines are designed for exceptionally easy installation even in complicated sites. Follow the birth of a LEITWIND turbine step by step.

Professional Project Implementation

The LEITWIND project management team is your partner in planning and coordinating all transport, installation and commissioning activities. It provides you with expert advice and sometimes surprising creativity in the customization of transport and installation solutions. The more so because LEITWIND project managers draw from the vast experience of the company group, a leader in ropeway construction and a pioneer of transportation and construction in remote, nearly inaccessible mountainous terrain.

Getting there

The LEITWIND logistics experts and our external partners excel in getting big, heavy and delicate tower heads, tower sections and rotor blades on site, safely and yet in time, be it via four-lane motorways, rocky mountain roads, material ropeways or even helicopter transport.

Up at Sunrise – Installed Before Sundown

Provided the weather does not act up, a LEITWIND wind turbine can be installed in one short day, from the first tower section to the last rotor blade: Modular construction makes installation a real breeze.

Getting it going

The timely commissioning of LEITWIND turbines is guaranteed by our project management team. The commissioning process involves a pre-test phase including adjustments necessary for the permanent smooth operation of the wind generator, followed by inspection and commissioning, detailed documentation and customer manuals and training for maintenance engineers and technicians.