LEITWIND product range

Product Overview

Perfect solutions for every project: The LEITWIND product range

With nominal capacities ranging from 0.8 MW to 3.0 MW and a choice of rotor diameters and generators, there is no project demand LEITWIND cannot cover. Please consult the LEITWIND sales and project engineering team when choosing the perfect turbine for the climate, wind and terrain conditions of your particular project.

Perfect turbines for every environment : The LEITWIND product range

Research and the pursuit of quality enables us to provide products with the minimum of parts and the maximum of reliability. The direct drive technology reduces mechanical losses, maintenance, wear and operating costs. Installation is quick and the performance high. Simple and effective. Just like every LEITWIND concept.

Pick the ideal combination of generator size and rotor diameter to suit your project┬┤s local wind conditions and energy demand. The LEITWIND project engineering team provides you with solid data to base your decision on.


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