LEITWIND production
LEITWIND production

LEITWIND production and procurement

LEITWIND takes great pride in the outstanding quality and reliability of its products. This, together with our ambition to meet all individual customer demands, dictates a strong vertical integration of the LEITWIND production chain. By controlling the whole production process LEITWIND ensures the top quality which has made our products synonymous for safety and reliability. We achieve this vertical integration by using the synergies within the group: They provide us with valuable know-how, production plants, machinery and highly professional and experienced work force. Running a very flexible global supply chain, LEITWIND produces in three locations:


Electrifying Quality: LEITWIND production

Sterzing, Italy

The offices in Sterzing, Italy, house the Research and Development, procurement, sales, project management, product care, and customer service departments.

Telfs, Austria

The Telfs production plant produces mainly tower head components, such as generators, hubs and main frames. To meet the growing demand, production capacity was recently doubled, while also creating the facilities for the production of the next generation 3.0 MW-generators. Also based in Telfs is the LEITWIND test center.

Chennai, India

Our Chennai facility is a joint venture between LEITWIND and Shriram EPC. This brand new plant with a staff of over 400 employees covers our Asian markets with a capacity of up to 250 units per year and includes our proprietary in-house rotor blade production.


To Be the Best, Work With the Best: LEITWIND Procurement

The LEITWIND procurement is not just about nuts and bolts. It deals with hi-tech products like large size double-tapered bearings, composite blades and latest pitch control technology. LEITWIND suppliers are chosen in extensive audits to verify their experience in our markets, their ability to meet our demands and their quality management, with particular attention to the standards defined by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.