LEITIWND Service & Support

You are never alone with LEITWIND Customer Care (LCC)

LEITWIND understands customer relations as a partnership in creating a sustainable future. We do everything possible to ensure the success, safety and profitability of every LEITWIND project. Your successful project is our successful project.

Our Goal: Maximum Production, Minimum Downtime

The purchase of a LEITWIND energy system is an investment in the future. In order to make trouble-free operation possible with optimal energy production and manageable conditions, LEITWIND offers individual service packages. Nearly all customers trust the tried and true LEITWIND Customer Care package, which covers all repair costs and replacement parts (with the exception of damage caused by force majeure or by third parties). LEITWIND places particular value upon preventive maintenance and the continuous monitoring of the individual components. Because constant inspections and timely maintenance are the foundations for the optimal operation of every wind energy system and increase their operating life. Scheduled maintenance and operations are individually discussed with the customer in advance, in order to minimize any possible loss in production that may result.

Financing and Cost Controls

The price for the LCC package, which depends upon production, makes it possible to limit service costs. And thanks to the availability guarantee, it makes the financing and insurance of LEITWIND wind energy systems easier.

LCC - LEITWIND Customer Care: advantages at a glance

To ensure safety, we follow standards which the group has developed in the safety-critical field of ropeway construction and other passenger transportation. To ensure success and profitability, we accompany our customers from the first stages of the siting process throughout the whole lifecycle of the installation. LCC, the LEITWIND Customer Care package according to IEC 61400/26 standards, offers a full maintenance contract for safe, efficient wind power production including guaranteed availability. No customer ever ordered a LEITWIND turbine without choosing it, because the advantages are obvious:

  • Connection to the LEITWIND 24/7 Operation&Monitoring Center. This is a state-of-the-art facility which provides a continuous monitoring of all LEITWIND turbines. Remote sensors transfer performance data to the Monitoring Center where trends in the turbineĀ“s behavior are compiled and analyzed. In case of abnormalities, the LEITWIND service specialists receive an automatic alert including all necessary information regarding the event. The analysis of the data leads to a recommendation for the customer and enables the LEITWIND service and support teams to optimize scheduled maintenance work. In case of a failure, the LEITWIND Operation&Monitoring Center can even restart the wind turbine via remote control.
  • Scheduled service twice yearly
  • Unscheduled service and repair including all spare parts and expendables
  • Speed and quality: The LCC service staff keeps close contact to the wind park operators and can react quickly in case of emergencies. All members of the service staff have permanent access to the LEITWIND Park Manager system and to SCADA.



Tel.: +39 0472 727 000

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