LEITWIND Generator

LEITWIND Generator

Modular Design

Modular construction for outstanding yield at moderate costs

LEITWIND wind turbine design is based on a modular concept that lowers transportation and installation costs. It also enables the installation of wind turbines even in sites with difficult access. The generator is part of the load-bearing structure, which contributes to an economical weight management. The design also renders costly external structures like transformer stations obsolete by integrating all power electronics and the transformer into the tower base.

Designed to minimize maintenance costs

The innovative machine carrier gives safe and easy access to all serviceable parts. The modular design allows speedy replacement of generator parts without having to dismantle the whole generator and without having to involve crane operations. Fewer moving parts and lower rotation speeds reduce wear.

The sum of all advantages

All these features add up to an extremely reliable and therefore profitable turbine as it minimizes maintenance activities and maximizes the energy yield.

Designed to maximize efficiency
  • minimizes transportation and installation costs
  • makes maintenance easier and safer
  • the double electric circuit boosts reliability 
Modular system
Modular system